Wi-Fi available

Free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby and rooms.


Aroma healing

Aroma healing

Genjikoh is the first Japanese style inn to have “aroma” as its theme.
Through hospitality with traditional Japanese aromas, we invite you to enter a serene state of mind, abandoning the self.
Throughout every section of the inn and the rooms, you can enjoy the scent of incense.

Aroma healing
Aroma healing
Incense burning is...

Along with tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and Noh, incense burning began as a game to guess scents among the aristocracy.
It is said to be mentally relaxing, and evokes images of Japanese spirituality.


Experience Japanese culture

At our inn, you can experience Japanese traditions that are unavailable at other inns, such as incense-smelling classes, fan-tossing games, incense scent guessing games, and making Japanese sweets.
Please enjoy these lovely experiences while you visit Japan.


Heavenly outdoor bath overlooking Ise bay.

Since ancient times, Japanese people have respected and enjoyed hot springs as a gift from the earth and a spiritual experience.
The heavenly outdoor baths “Ise no Yu”, “Fushimi no Yu” can be enjoyed as a “purification ceremonial bath” before visiting Ise Jingu shrine, located at the foot of the Asamayama mountain and the Fushimi shrine, located beyond the Suzuka mountain range.

outdoor bath

60 minutes from Nagoya station.Minamichita hot springs, overlooking Ise bay...

Minamichita is located on the west side of the two peninsulas in the south of Aichi prefecture.
Easily accessed from Nagoya and Chubu International Airport, it is a popular tourist destination.
Enjoying a temperate climate, surrounded by the sea and with warm people.
Enjoy to your heart's content the nature of Minamichita, traditions, and seafood.