Two heavenly outdoor baths, overlooking Ise bay.The warmth of the natural hot spring, with seasonal flowers floating in it, is exceptional.

This hot spring was discovered in 1989 at 1300m underground, and called the ancient “fossil water”. Its abundance in medicinally active ingredients which are effective amongst various ailments earned it the name “Choju no Yu (Longevity bath)”.Since ancient times, Japanese people have respected and enjoyed hot springs as a gift from the earth and a spiritual experience. The heavenly outdoor baths “Ise no Yu”, “Fushimi no Yu” can be enjoyed as a “purification ceremonial bath” before visiting Ise Jingu shrine, located at the foot of the Asamayama mountain and the Fushimi shrine, located beyond the Suzuka mountain range.

  • Heavenly outdoor bath
  • - Fushimi no yu, Japanese cypress bath -Japanese cypress bath
  • -Ise no Yu, lay-down bath, pot bath - Heavenly outdoor bath

Bathing times

15:00~24:00  6:00~10:00  11:00~14:00 (중식 이용 전용)

Spring quality and efficacy

관절통 · 신경통 · 냉증